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Ivanna Waweru

Psychologist & Counselor


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Posted on 2024-02-24 12:09:12


6yrs Experience


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I am a Counseling Psychologist specializing in the provision of therapeutic services to adolescents, young adults (millennials), and mothers. With a background in establishing and facilitating support groups for mothers, I am deeply committed to fostering a supportive environment that empowers mothers to enhance their well-being and make informed decisions in their parenting journey. My professional focus encompasses working with teenagers and young adults, addressing a range of psychological concerns and developmental challenges. Drawing on my extensive experience, I am dedicated to facilitating a therapeutic process that encourages personal growth, resilience, and the cultivation of positive parenting skills. If you feel stuck and would like an enthusiastic, non judgemental and present guide through unlearning and Relearning healthy life patterns reach out.

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Ksh 3000.00

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